About Us

We at Leonhard's Café and Restaurant pride ourselves in serving only the best to our customers. From the beginning, we've made it our priority to source out quality, natural ingredients resulting in healthy and delicious meals.
Because this is a philosophy we hold true to our own hearts. We want to provide you, our guest, with food that we would serve our families at home. The natural way is the healthy way.

A smidgen of this and a pinch of that

All meals served at Leonhard's are made daily from scratch, just the way our grandmothers made them. We use only natural flavourings free of additives, preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers.

Gluten Free Soup for the Soul

Our soups are prepared every morning with fresh vegetables. Every soup served has a vegetable base and is 100% gluten-free as we use absolutely no flour, wheat or stock.

The Sandwich Board

At Leonhard's, we only serve fresh. Made with crunchy vegetables and mouth-watering cheeses on freshly baked bread, our sandwiches are assembled daily and we never sell day old. Our hearty breads are baked and delivered every morning by Buns & Things bakery using our very own special recipe and ingredients. A guaranteed taste sensation.

Straight off the farm

Leonhard's is a big supporter of the local Farmer's Market here in Charlottetown. By buying local and direct, we are giving back to our community and providing our guests with healthier, more natural menu choices. For example, our chicken supplied by Larkin Bros. is free from antibiotics and growth hormones, and we use only high-quality eggs in our recipes. When fresh vegetables are available at the market, we buy from its various vendors, and all of our seafood is purchased at Mr. Seafood. Lastly, we buy our tea from Lady Baker's Tea Trolley, known for their large variety of blends and flavours.

It's all in a cup of coffee... and a piece of cake

The perfect ending to a perfect meal. At Leonhard's Café and Restaurant we serve Down East Coffee, a privately owned coffee company from New Brunswick. Its bold and distinct flavour is the perfect complement to our delicious homemade desserts baked every day on site and at the exclusive Pastry One patisserie. Our entire dessert assortment is gelatin-free and made from the highest quality ingredients.

We hope you stop in and visit us soon. We look forward to serving you a little piece of happy.

The Leonhard's family